The construction consultant offers a wide range of tailored consulting services to Owners, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Attorneys and General Contractors. Our 30 years experience in the construction field will provide a valuable and objective point of view consulting services.

Range of services:

  • Project Planning
  • Feasibility Study
  • Design & specifications review
  • Project Management
  • Project risk mitigation
  • Project closeout and delivery
  • Project post-completion & operations

  • Expert witness
  • Construction Claims
  • Defective work
  • Delays
  • Disputes Resolution
  • Construction Injuries
  • Research

    • Claim Analysis
    • Claim Documentation
    • Cost estimate
    • Additional claim factors
    • Associated Code compliance


Project Planning

Project panning is the first step in the process. A feasibility study should be conducted to check if the project meets realistic objectives before it begins. The plan should carefully consider not only the project details but also take into account market conditions, duration of project and possible changes, economical forecast and other related factors.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study will determine if your project is Go of No-Go before investing the money. At this phase we are looking into Governmental Regulations, Market Assessment, Competitor Assessment, Financial Analysis, Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats (SWOT) and other factors effecting the project. After the feasibility review you will have a good idea if your project is viable or not.

Project design and specifications

At this phase a general objectives are presented to the design team for conceptual design. The owners review the preliminary design and make any needed recommendations for the final design and construction documents. Our objective at this stage is to identify areas that can be improved and implement the changes prior to final design. Once the final design is approved our team will conduct a thorough project review and evaluation which is the first phase “project review” a general review of all plans, specifications and related documents for the entitlements.

The second phase “evaluation” is a more in-depth review and analysis of the first phase, and involves estimating, alternate materials and construction methods, value engineering, scheduling, compliance with permits and any other factors that can impact the project.

Project Management

Project management services are custom tailored to the developer’s needs and designed to work with the developer’s team. In general the project management team will monitor the progress, review change orders, quality control and any other tasks required by the developer in connection with the project.

Project review and evaluation

The first phase of “project review” is a general review of all plans, specifications and related documents for the entitlements.

The second phase “evaluation” is a more in-depth review and analysis of the first phase, and involves estimating, alternate materials and construction methods, value engineering, scheduling, compliance with permits and any other factors that can impact the project.

Project risk mitigation

Every project has risks, and the key factor is to identify the potential risks and mitigate them as much as possible. An experience General Contractor and or Project Manager can plan for the unexpected and carefully analyze every phase of the project allowing for contingencies and mitigating risks based on past experience and knowledge of the local market. The point is that being too careful can increase the contingencies allowance, and not having sufficient contingencies allowance can become a problem too.

Our approach to project risk mitigation is to carefully analyze and get familiar with the project for the following:

  • Design for the intendant use
  • Construction schedule
  • Construction permitting process
  • Logistics
  • Contingencies
  • Plans and specifications
  • Availability of materials
  • Contracts and Sub-Contracts
  • Site condition
  • Alternates

Once the analysis process is complete and the risk factors are identified, our goal is to strike a close balance between allowing sufficient contingencies but not more than is needed for efficient on time and on budget project. We bring a level of service to the project that will save time and money.

Project closeout and delivery

Project closeout involves the preparation, packaging and delivery of the following:

      • Inspections for quality control and compliance
      • As-built documents and other job reports
      • Complete plans and project documents
      • Sub-Contractors operation manual
      • All final Completion inspections (CO)
      • Warranties

Project post-completion and operations

An agreed period of time where the developer’s designated staff will train the end-user in operating and maintaining the building.


Expert Witness Services

Our expert witness service is tailored to the needs of the attorneys and will review the relevant facts from a practical point of view field experience of 30 years, construction industry standards of practice, job specifications and engineering. In most cases our approach is to simplify the complicated technical terms into a easy to understand short to the point statements that will clarify our position.

Construction Claims

There will be some form of claims and challenges in most projects. In all claim cases our approach is similar and includes a thorough review of the claim, analysis of all facts for preliminary evaluation, creating a strategic approach, packaging the claim, claim support with the relevant information and claim presentation.

Defective work

In determining what is defective work one has to measure and compare the defective work against a non-defective work, plans and specifications and industry standards for the subject work. Our field
experience of over 30 years in the construction industry and familiarity with industry standards gives us an advantage over others.


Delays are equal to damages. Evaluating a delay on the project can have many different apaches, however the common elements of delay are: first to determine who caused the delay, assign the responsibility to the causing party, determine direct and in-direct damages in connection with the delay, document the delay with relevant facts and package the claim for presentation.

Disputes Resolution

Our dispute resolution service has been very effective due to our unique ability to examine both sides
from a practical experience, and offer solutions that will bring the parties closer and in most cases
resolve the dispute.


The Construction Consultant will research and document construction related articles and facts needed
for the client. As a member of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and American Institute
of Architects (AIA) we have access to the largest construction library and can research almost any
construction related topic. Our research staff are well trained and computerized with quick access to
any construction topic.

Construction Injuries

The statistics shows that many construction related injuries are caused by non compliance with OSHA
regulations and failure to maintain the safety standards and faulty equipment and or tools. In very
few cases there are other factors like operations, weather, negligence and other. Our field experience
of over 30 years in the construction industry and familiarity with Job Safety standards gives us an
advantage over others, in describing the relevant facts from a practical field experience, construction industry standards of practice, OSHA regulations, job specifications and engineering.


Our professional staff can make the difference between getting the claim resolved fast or getting bogged down in disputes and or litigation. We will identify and document the claim, present the claim to the insurance Company on a familiar format, and backup our position with credible industry standards.

Typical Claim Services

      • Claim Analysis
      • Claim Presentation
      • Policy Coverage
      • Claim Documentation
      • Claim Negotiation
      • Additional Factors

Claim Analysis

Analyzing the entire claim by examining all the relevant facts associated with the claim, reviewing
possible causes, direct and indirect damage, reviewing the insurance policy for coverage and limits, concealed conditions and negotiating with insurance Company to fine-tune the claim.

Claim Documentation

The Construction Consultant will document relevant facts and causes associated with the claim, detailed estimate on insurance Company familiar format, any additional living expenses, laws and ordinance and code compliance in connection with the claim

Policy Coverage

Review of the policy for coverage, exclusions and other limtits that will effect the claim.

Claim Negotiation

The Construction Consultant has been prpeparing claims and negotiating with insurance companies for the past 30 years. When we present the claim with all the supporting documents there is very little room to negotiations, and if there is a need to negotiate, we are in the best position to dictate the outcome.

Additional Factors

In processing a claim there are additional factors like,  Code Compliance may require upgrades of other areas not asscociated with the claim, laws and ordinance, Additional living and business expenses, contents and Substitution of similar materials for the restoration.