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    Our team includes General Contractors, Engineers, Architects and project managers with minimum of 20 years experience.

    Our Team
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    You can expect Top quality, Independent and on target professional service.

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  • The Construction Consultant

    The Construction Consultant is a professional firm that has been providing expert consulting services since 1980.

    The Construction Consultant

Our Construction Consultant Services Save Money

Construction consultant services save money on your projects by detecting design mistakes, finding ways to reduce costs and planning local or international construction projects using industry-accepted best practices to mitigate risks. Our team of professionals can help your company manage complex operations, international construction and business development initiatives.

Our construction Consultant Services have been utilized for all types of industrial, residential, recreational and commercial construction projects. We've also consulted on international projects for the World Bank, Gehrson Lehman Group and the European Construction and Development Bank. Whether you need help for planning and logistics, handling high-profile international construction jobs, delivering litigation support services, planning strategically or managing construction in major real estate developments, we have the experience, skill and expertise from our team of architects, engineers and general contractors.

Litigation Support Services

Engaging an experienced and trusted construction consultant company for litigation support and insurance claim services ensures that you don't need to bring the adviser up to speed when dealing with complex insurance and litigation issues like the following:

  • Claims analysis
  • Code compliance
  • Dispute resolution
  • Identifying defective work or upholding construction company claims
  • Expert witnesses to testify about construction and engineering issues
  • Research for litigation support

Reviewing Designs and Engineering

We offer analyses of hydraulics, structural integrity, concrete engineering, synthetics and coatings, and corrosion monitoring. We deliver exacting specifications, tolerances and engineered drawings to precise scale. We can inspect your plans, troubleshoot CAD mapping, research design theory and recommend value-engineered construction methods and alternative designs that could generate incredible savings for your company, speed project completion dates and mitigate risks.

The Construction Consultant company offers practical experience in project planning, handling changes, meeting budgetary restrictions and identifying threats. Our construction consultant services include feasibility studies, analyses of government regulations and evaluations of materials, engineering and compliance issues. If you need immediate expert advice on your project, contact us today for hands-on experience, problem-solving ability and fresh eyes to evaluate your project.